NEHEMIAH | Thoughts on a Time to Choose

“But I didn’t demand the food allotted to the governor,
because the burden on the people was so heavy. Remember
me favorably, my God, for all that I have done for this people.” Nehemiah 5:18-19


A true leader does not look to add to the burdens of people,
but to lift them. Jesus taught us that a leader must have a heart
to serve and a willingness to lay down their life.

Nehemiah, as the governor of the province of Judah, is an
incredible example of self-sacrifice and willingness to put the
people’s needs first. Nehemiah wept when he saw the people
suffering. He prayed and interceded for the people suffering.
He acted, even at the expense to himself, to come to the aid
of the people suffering. It is not enough for leaders to just have
compassion or just to act. A godly leader acts and leads out of
a heart of compassion. As we choose godly leaders, we must
choose those who both have a heart for people and act as an
overflow of their heart to serve the Lord and love people.


Lord, give us a heart of compassion for our neighbors and
community. Help us to see the needs of those around us,
whether they are spiritual or physical, and move us out of
compassion to meet those needs. Lord, please raise up a
leader among us who moves out of compassion that can lead
us by example. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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