Ways to Engage

1. Read If 7:14… An Urgent Call for Revival… It’s Time. >>Learn more. >> Buy now.

2. Commit to the If 7:14 Prayer Initiative
Sign up at if714.com to commit to pray for revival at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm.
– Set your cell phone’s alarm at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm as a reminder to pray.
– Promote the If 7:14 prayer initiative in your church, family, home, community, and network of influence.
– Focus on prayer, with a spirit of humility, for authentic repentance and personal revival.

3. “Like” and engage with the If 7:14 Facebook page to see regular posts of revival & inspiration.

4. Watch inspirational revival videos at this site.

5. Encourage your church to use the If 7:14 book for small group and Sunday School studies. Study questions available at this site’s resources page and as part of the book.

6. Invite Bob to speak at your church or organization. Call Darla at (515) 263-3495 ext 114

7. Contact the If 7:14 Team at info@if714.com with additional questions or speaking requests.

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