The World Needs Jesus

Father, the world we live in today desperately needs You. As Your followers, I pray that our lives are a reflection of the peace and joy that Jesus alone brings. It’s sad to see the day we are in because I don’t believe it was ever God’s plan for man to disobey Him. He created us to be in fellowship with God and that fellowship was destroyed through disobedience. Lord, please draw our hearts back to You. The days and times in which we are living are evil. We hear and see so much every day. As Your children, help us to pray. Help us to humble ourselves like Jesus humbled Himself. Jesus said “not my will, but Yours be done.” He let go and He let God. Because of Jesus obedience, Jesus became the way for our relationship to be restored. I pray for this world and the people in it. I pray for salvation. I pray for those who are angry and vengeful. I pray for those who feel unseen and unknown. Jesus is the cure for everyone and everything. Thank You Lord for allowing me to know You.