Father God,
Precious Master, Commander and Creator of Heaven and Earth. I give you Glory and Honor almighty for with you all things are possible and without you nothing is. Father help me to grow in your word. Help me to remove all doubt and fear and stand steadfast in your scripture. Father I pray daily for my healing, so that I may improve my quality of life and live a life of abundance and prosperity with you in it. Father I pray that if it is for me, that I find a partner who fears and respects you. Who puts your love and your sacredness above all things including myself. Father I pray for the continued healing of my Mother, Father and Grandmother. Father I pray that they be blessed with True spirit and that they all seek to have a closer relationship with you and make choices and decisions that are pleasing to you. Father God I pray for your dominion over this world. I pray for the weak, the hungry, the sick and the destitute. I know that your plans are greater than our understanding. I pray that those that need your Hope, Love, Mercy, Grace, Justice and Miracle are given it. I pray for Beverly, Kuserrah, for Uyen and Kendrea. I pray for my Sisters, my nieces and nephew and all those I love and hold dear. Father God I exalt your name and thank you for your only son Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and rose from the dead to redeem us and deliver us the promise. I thank you and give you honor and praise, in Jesus precious holy name. Amen.