Sound Of Freedom movie

Father in Jesus name, please use this movie to rescue children and adults from a life of being trafficked for sex and all other practices of evil. It’s scary what is happening Lord. You said we do not fight against flesh and blood. At times, it feels like we do. We fight against people and it’s the enemy behind what’s really going on. Lord, open up eyes and give new hearts. Lord Jesus, help me. Help us all. This stuff is heartbreaking. It breaks Your heart. Help us to stop fighting each other and instead unite in prayer so that You can heal our land worldwide. God, we need You to revive our hearts. I pray for the wicked things I see where I work. I get angry. I feel anger. I want to yell at the people. Today I got frustrated because of the foolishness on my job. I barely could bite my tongue. Please help us. I don’t want to be called a hypocrite but sometimes the things I see make me angry because it’s unnecessary. Please help us Jesus. Start with me.