Praying For Our Enemies

Lord, she’s vulgar, mean, full of division, slander, hatred and is in need of a new heart. You tell us to love our enemies. What would You desire that I say or do? She never has anything good to say about anything? She is constantly negative and trying to pull people down. Please give me wisdom. I think of Moses who missed out on the promised land because the people he shepherded angered him and he disobeyed You. Please Lord protect me from fits of anger and rage because You said anger rests in the bosoms of fools. Please help her to receive Your love and to let go of the wrath, hatred, and bitterness stirring up inside of her. I don’t know what has happened. You do. Please help me to submit to God, to resist the devil and know that he will flee. Help me to not lose my witness in front of unbelievers. I’m trying to share Jesus and all of hell is mad. Jesus, please help me to overcome. Show me what You would have me do I ask in Jesus name. Please Lord.