Prayer for Asbury Revival

Father of life, thank You for igniting a quiet movement of profound renewal at Asbury and spreading it all over. We pray that it would go as deep as it goes wide, and that it would bring lasting change to those You touch through it. We pray for its protection, too — from any mere tourism, mimicry, and thrill-seeking. And we ask You to command the hosts of heaven to stand guard against any attempt by Satan to disrupt, distract, quench, or falsify and thus lead people astray. Ignite thousands of fires of repentance and consecration all over this country and worldwide. May they spread into an all-out revival in which many thousands of thirsty and lost souls return to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Your Role in the Asbury Outpouring
Remco Brommet, IFA Contributing Writer | February 21, 2023