Pray that Believers Build on the Rock, Jesus Christ

Father, I pray Your words would speak to the hearts of Mrs. Sharon, Mrs. Desire, Mrs. Jasmine, Mrs. Janice, And Mrs. Jackie. Everyone who builds his life on the sand comes to ruin, but if we build on You, You are the Shelter from life’s storms. We can feel things but we are NOT controlled by them because our hearts are firmly established in all that You are. If our confidence is in ourselves, we should be terrified. If it is our jobs, yes we should be afraid. If our foundation is friends and families, that too is unstable because people die, betrayal happens and people cannot fulfil us. That expectation should be placed in Christ alone. Lord, there are moments I feel overwhelmed, but You really are my safe place. When I want to quit, You reach for me. You have ALWAYS been faithful and I know this not just because of the promises in the Bible, but every day You wake me up and allow me the opportunity to share You with those around me. You provide for all of my needs. You take care of me, Jesus. Help me to be a light and salt for those around who are controlled by fear. Please help to pray and speak words of life when given the opportunity. You, Jesus, are the Way, the Truth and the Life. You came to give us both abundant and eternal life. Help us to receive all that You are in faith in Jesus name.