Pray for Young Children And Young Adults

We pray for Harmony, Ezekiel, Brianna And Young Children And Young Adults.  Father, please take their young hands and lead them on. Oh the heart of the Father for His children. You thought of parenting first. Who better to seek counsel and instruction from? You know the children that You knit in our wombs better than we do. Father, please rescue and protect them from the influences of the world, the flesh, the devil and bad company. Lead and guide them into all truth. Father, open their spiritual eyes and protect them. You are the Best Father any child could have. Thank You for Your Father’s heart, Lord. Thank You for all that You do every single day of our lives. Thank You for Your goodness, Your protection, Your patience, Your love and forgiveness. Thank You for Your discipline. You are better to us than we even deserve because if we told the truth we deserve hell but God in His grace and mercy sent Jesus. May we never take Jesus for granted ever!!!