Father God, we lift to you today those who are facing the tragedies of this life. We pray for needed understanding of why these things happen. We pray for the inner peace that only you can give. Father, we pray for healing of the body of the church, that we might draw close to you. Lord there are times we feel defeated so help us to remember what you said, That I am with you always, even to the ends of the earth. Lord, I pray for those who have lost children and the pains of that loss but am reminded that You knew in our mother’s womb and that You knit us together and we were made in your image. But still there is pain. And I am reminded of the cross and the pain you bore for our sins because of your love for us. But still there is pain. Father, we look to the day, when you make everything new. For you have said, the old will pass away and you will wipe every tear away from our eyes, no more death, no more mourning, crying or pain. Father, your promises strengthen us and sustain us in the face of an evil world so we ask for the continuance of your grace and mercy that you have freely given us. Guide us as we continue to walk in your ways through out this life. Amen