Dear Lord in Heaven I pray that you guide me over the next six days as I study hard and prepare for assessment tests at work that could eventually mean a promotion to sergeant. The world is going through a tough time and I pray for guidance and leadership. I pray that if it is your will for me to guide and comfort those who are sworn to protect the innocent and serve their community that you give me the knowledge to do my best and set a great example as a leader. I pray for patience and understanding as often times we forget about the struggles of those who are around us. I continue to ask for your blessing on my father-in-law who continues to battle cancer and for strength for my husband to deal with this news and also understanding that no matter what your will is, you know what is best. Again I ask for your hand to be over me on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that I answer correctly, answer confidently, answer wisely, and let my love for you shine through in everything I say and do.