We come before You, to give You all the glory and all the praise! We exalt Your name, which is above ALL names! We proclaim that You are everything to us – we are nothing, and we cannot do anything without You!

We take this time to come to You humbly to pray for our family members, loved ones, friends, and anyone around us and in this world who is not saved yet. Lord, please open their ears so that they can hear Your voice and choose to follow You. Help them understand the message of salvation, so they can get saved before you take us home.

We come to pray for Your Church. We are tired from fighting this battle. Please give us the strength to continue pushing through during these last days. We need You more than ever before! Help us to continue seeking You in prayer and in Your word!

We also ask you, Lord, to keep Israel safe! Please protect them from harm during these difficult times. Help them to understand and believe in Jesus Christ as their Messiah, so they can receive the gift of salvation. We know that you love Israel and have a plan for their future.

We thank you for giving us life, for choosing us, saving us, redeeming us, giving us your Helper – also for using all the bad and ugly in our lives to teach and shape us, and to transform them into something good.

Help us to bring you honor and glory everyday until the day you come for us!

We love you!! — And please Lord Jesus, COME QUICKLY! Maranatha!!

In Jesus’ name, Amen!!