Known By Our Love

Lord Jesus, You said we would be known by our love. I pray that for those who are followers of Jesus that love would abound in all of our hearts. First our love for You and then our love for others. Help us to know how much You love us so that we are able to love those around us. Without and apart from You, we cannot love. Create in us, starting with me, a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Lord, I do not want to be driven by hatred, division, conflict, anger and confusion. I ask for the ability to humble myself under Your mighty hand. Purify my heart, my mind, my life, my emotions. Heal what is broken. Lord Jesus, You died for everyone. You came because You loved us. Are we not suppose to love others? Help me at my workplace that is driven by hatred, gossip, slander, confusion, drama? Protect me from this environment. Please rescue our children. Let them know they are loved. Lord, I ask as humbly as I know how. Please change me from the inside out. Help me to live by the power of Your spirit in Jesus name.