Knowing Jesus

One of the greatest things that Jesus has given us as believers is the opportunity to share Him with everyone around us. Maybe the moment you share isn’t received, but can I tell you the person is listening and they are watching you. Does your life reflect the actions of someone who really believes? Are you kind, loving, compassionate, giving, forgiving, gentle, patient, humble, meek, joyful? Father, for Chris, thank You that he was shocked to hear that You desire to help him. I pray for their boating business and the struggles they are enduring right now. You have all the answers that they need. I pray for relationships with Jesus Christ. I also pray for Daniel who screamed out “he needs Jesus” as I was walking to my car. Thank You for not allowing me to be mean, rude or dismissive of what he said. He’s having a hard time reaching You. He’s struggling with a worldly lifestyle, and he’s a prodigal son. He said the things he’s hearing he knows to be wrong, but the warfare is so hard. Please rescue Daniel. Anyone who calls on Your name shall be saved. You do not discriminate or dismiss anyone. I also lift up the two workers at Taco Bell. Please let them know that You love them and in You their lives have purpose and meaning. I also pray for Vicky and Arie, in Jesus name. Cover them I ask. Please hold them up in Your righteous right hand.