I Thank God For Jesus

I thank God for the cross. I thank God that we celebrate Easter and some call it “Resurrection Sunday.” I thank God that Jesus is no longer in the grave and because of this truth I have eternal life!! Before Jesus, I was so dead and helpless. My life was going nowhere fast. I was stuck in my sin unable to free myself. BUT JESUS, He heard my cry for help and He rescued me!! By the grace of God alone, I am walking in the newness of life! I have NEVER in my life known a love like His! He’s faithful. He’s true! He’s compassionate and forgiving. He’s trustworthy and gentle. He is kind! He’s everything the world is not! On this day, I thank God that Jesus saved a wretch like me! I make no apologies because when I was in the world the devil made a complete fool of me! I thank God for salvation through Christ alone who breaks every chain! Thank You Jesus for what You did at the cross of Calvary! You have forever changed my life, my future and my eternal destination!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Naomi Sanders