Let my words speak truth, love, grace, and hope. If you can call all the stars out by name and make mountains shake then you can change the unchanged. Let me come to you as my safe place. Help me see what you have done for me and my life. Help me move past my doubt, when fear is screaming out at me and telling me to hide and fight against you and dwell in it. Help me take a breath and count my blessings, even when it seams dark, even with a hurting heart. Help me remember who I am, and whose I am. It’s hard to understand this life we are living sometimes. More down than up, more lost than found these days. But through it all we need your hope, we need your healing God. You can change the most troubled people. Let me be a light house in the darkest of times. Let your light shine through God. You are the almighty, who was and is and is to come. God, I love you so very much. Help me pray like I should, and show your abundant love, and grace.
In you holy, and glorious name we pray,