Gary Brian Anderson

To have a Stronger relationship with GOD. To have a More Devoted Relationship Full of Love with my Wife Cherri. To be the Man that I need to be in and out of my House and the True Man that GOD intended for me to be. To be an on Fire, Walking by Faith, Christian Man of GOD and seeking to Build and Fill His Church and Ultimately the Kingdom of Heaven the way GOD wants ME and US to reach the Loss, Helpless, Lonely, . To Use The True Talent’s that My Father in Heaven has Blessed Me With and Use Them for His Will ONLY. A Great Singing Voice, Boldly Outward Speaker, and The Truth of His Word. To Be more of a Man than what I have been in the past . To go out into the Street’s, and Cities and States and Many different Countries and Help the other Missionaries and GOD Fearing Men to Preach, Pray, and Lay Hands on the Sick and Needy .