For Travis King

Father, thank You for the life of this young man. Lord Jesus, we plead the blood of Jesus over him and over his family. We pray for transparency and truth in his case. If he needs help, we ask for divine help. Lord, please protect his life. I pray for those in charge of his case in the army. Lord, I pray for change in the culture of the military especially when it comes to the lifestyle of drinking. Alcohol is one of the cheapest and most available things within exchanges and the lifestyle of the military. God, we ask for healthy lifestyles and healthy families. We pray for our servicemen and women and their families that serve. We pray for those who are dealing with things that no one knows about. God, we plead the blood of Jesus over the hearts and minds of those that serve. Please be close and near to each and everyone of them. May they never feel alone or isolated. God, give Your angels charge concerning each person. I pray that they would always know and believe You are near to each of them. God, we lift up those who are in the midst of war and the war being waged against their minds because of all they are seeing and experiencing. Please God we pray for salvation in Jesus name. We pray for civilians who are losing their lives Lord. We pray for the leaders in every country. We ask for humility, wisdom and understanding. We ask for divine solutions that come from God. We cannot do anything apart from You, Jesus, but we can do ALL THINGS through Christ which strengthens us. Thank You for being our Strength, Jesus. We ARE NOTHING apart from You. Our everything depends on You. Help each of us ask in Jesus name.