For The Younger Generation

Father, they are under such attack. Help us to pray for our younger generation. You chose them Jesus. You brought them here. God help us to not use our words against them. Help us to see with Your eyes instead of our own. Lord, please protect Jeffrey who is in a battle unlike anything I have ever seen. Please rescue him Jesus. He’s so heavy on my heart because of the battle he’s in. I also pray for Jayden. Lord, I ask for Your divine protection over our children Ezekiel and Brianna. Keep them and protect them from falling. God, life and death is in the power of our tongues and You said our tongues are set on fire from hell. Lord, please help us to bless, encourage and admonish them and live our lives as examples of loving You and each other. God, only You can break these chains. I ask in prayer, in humility and in faith. Lord, if You don’t, who can we turn to for help. Please protect and keep us all in Jesus name I ask.