For The Father Going To Celebrate His Son’s 7th Birthday

Lord, he didn’t want to talk about You. He was open until I mentioned Jesus. He said his mother was a Christian. Lord, I don’t understand so I’m coming to You on behalf of this young father. If he has issues because his dad wasn’t there, please show him the ways that You were there. Please let him know YOU ARE A Father to the fatherless. You are all that we need. Please heal him. Lord, we all need You, myself included. Please show us Your hand even when we can’t discern it. Sometimes we feel so alone. Please protect us and keep us safe. Protect our families, our children, our neighbors. When it’s overwhelming for us, remind us that it’s not overwhelming for You. Please be a fence Jesus!!! Please do what only You can. Please help us! If Jesus doesn’t, we have no hope!