For The CRT And Constant Attack On The Loves Of Minorities

Father, I call out to You. I ask for Your protection for those who are considered minorities. We are constantly facing issues of hatred and Lord it’s hard to not be distracted by these kinds of things. Please teach us to look to You for security, identity, love and please be our foundation. Lord, You came as a minority. You humbled Yourself. Please be with everyone during these days of hatred, division and inequality. Father, help us as the Church to be a reflection of You, Your love and purify our hearts, our minds, our lives, our thoughts and even the intentions behind why we do anything. Please teach us to guard our hearts and minds by the power of Your spirit. Help us to continue to follow You, Your purposes, Your plans and all that You’ve called us to. Lead us and guide us we pray in Jesus name. We cannot overcome in our flesh or on our own. Jesus, we say let God arise and His enemies be scattered in Jesus name. Help us Lord. This is so very heartbreaking. Please walk with us and hide us under Your feathers while all these calamities be overpast in Jesus name