For The Chinese Lady At ExpressWok

Father, thank You for the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. He makes all the difference in our lives. Without Him, we cannot do the will of God or be led by God. Father, according to Your plans, You led me in there again today. She was so different. Only Jesus can do such a thing. Lord, thank You for being our way of escape and hiding us under the shadow of Your wings!! Your power is greater than anyone or anything. You are trustworthy, dependable and kind!!! You see when we are being mistreated and You make it right in Your time!!! Thank You!!! I also lift up the Malphrus brothers. I lift up Donald. Please Lord, be and do what only You can. Thank You for all the trouble I had with my car because there were people You want to know. These trials have a purpose!!! Lord, help me and all of us to trust You. Keep our hearts tender and soft!!! Lead us we pray in Jesus name.