For The Camp Family, Mr. Boris From Russia, Mr. Allen With Multiple Sclerosis, And Angel With A Chemical Burn

Father, for each family, You know the specific needs. Mrs. Camp is anxious about her children serving in the military when so much is happening. Please use this to lead their family to You. For Mr. Allen dealing with multiple sclerosis; Lord, he acknowledges that it is his cross to bear. Please cover, protect and give Your angels special charge over Him. For Mrs. Angel with the severe burn on her head due to the chemicals, Father, I ask for healing and may she turn to You. For every broken and hurting person, I just pray that we all turn to Jesus. Nothing can help us, save us or deliver us. Jesus can. I also lift up Ryanna who I worked with tonight. So many young people just want to do things their own way. Lord, I pray for her, Skyasia, Samira, Max, Isabel, and our children Ezekiel and Brianna. Lord, now is not the time to mess around. Please help our youth today Lord. I also pray for the Sanders, the Murrays, the Taylors and the Smoaks. I pray for those who do not know Jesus.