For Stanley And His Worship Of Alcohol

Jesus, he can sing every church song until he’s blue in the face. You said no drunkard will enter the kingdom of heaven. Satan deceived Eve by getting her to doubt what You said. That temptation brought forth sin and separation. Help us to stop questioning You Jesus. Job accepted what You allowed. He trusted in You. Help us to TRUST you. You tell us Lord not to lean to our own understanding and You give us the privilege of casting our cares on You because You care for us. Help us to walk away from the temptation. Help us to see the way of escape Lord. Satan appears as an angel of light because He is a deceiver. Please deliver Mr. Stanley for his own eternity is at stake. Lord, keep me on the narrow road that leads to life that only a FEW find. Please keep me from falling Jesus. So many are. I pray for our families Lord in Jesus name. Help all of us turn to You and not temporary relief. You have our eternities in mind. Help us to trust You and wait on You, Jesus.