For Rocio And Her Family

Father, we ask in Jesus name for Your mighty hand to move in their home. Father, please send Your angels and allow Rocio to see that those with her are more than those with them. Lord, we plead the powerful blood of Jesus over their family. Lord, please allow today to be the day of salvation we ask in Jesus name. Father, Your desire is that no one perish. We pray in agreement with what You have spoken that the promise is unto us, our children, our spouse. Lord in 1 Corinthians you spoke to the family that the spouse is sanctified through the believer and the children are clean. Lord, we pray truth over their home in the name of Jesus! There is no other by which we must be saved. Salvation just didn’t come to Rocio but Jesus came for her whole house. You don’t change. You are our firm foundation, our solid rock and though the waves are strong and the wind is blowing, Jesus still commands and the wind and waves obey Him. You said “peace, be still” and Father, You promised that as Your children we could do what our Daddy did. You have overcome and so we overcome in Jesus name.