For My Dear Friend Kevin

I am so thankful to Jesus for His wonderful and saving grace in my life. I’m only saved because of Him and I do not take the gift of our Savior for granted. May it never be said of me that I lived only to build my name and not His. For my dear friend Kevin who is facing cancer, please pray for freedom from religious attempts to reach God and instead that He would open his heart and receive all that Jesus has so graciously poured out. Please pray for Diego and for freedom in Christ. Father, thank You for every opportunity You give us to love others, pray for them, patiently walk beside them and trust that You are working. Thank You for desiring that NO ONE is lost. You are the MOST GRACIOUS, MOST LIVING, MOST FORGIVING, MOST PATIENT. There is truly no one in the world like our God! Thank You for all You do on a daily basis!! You are our sweet and wonderful Redeemer. Thank You!!!