For Ms. Mya, Chris, Mrs. Lynn, Zeke And Bri

Father, thank You for Ms. Mya. She sounded so down and out tonight. I pray the message of Jesus creating her would touch her heart. She’s one of a kind. I pray for Mrs. Carol Snyder again. Thank You for letting me see her again. Please strengthen her through this time of grief. I pray for Chris and Lynn. Please bless, cover and keep them. I also pray for our beautiful children. Thank You for both Ezekiel and Brianna. They are beautiful people. Please protect, cover and keep them. I pray for Jean who is battling COVID and pneumonia and the medicine is making her worse. I pray for her husband. I also lift up Octavia. Please draw her to Yourself I ask in Jesus name. I also lift up the Bullock family in Jesus name. Thank You for prayer, Jesus.