For Ms. Kennedy And The Cart Man, Mrs. Lizbeth, Mr. Anthony, And Mr. Cameroon

Father, thank You for the cart man and Ms. Kennedy that helped me tonight with where to go to pick up my groceries and loading them up. I’m not feeling well so I’m so thankful for those who offer services where we can shop online and pick them up. Thank You for this Jesus. Thank You for Mrs. Lizbeth and Mr. Anthony. Please deliver them from the stronghold of alcoholism. Lord, please rescue them in Jesus name. Thank You for sparing my life as I drove directly into oncoming traffic because of how badly I feel. Thank You for also sharing the lives of those who had to slam on brakes to avoid hitting me. Father, thank You for Cameroon and his fellow coworkers that helped me with my food order. Thank You that in my weakness the strength of God rests on me. Thank You Jesus because apart from You, I am nothing. Thank You for being my everything Lord.