For Mrs.Sylvia, Mrs. Danitria, Markeith And All My Coworkers

Father, thank You for what You are doing. Forgive me for what I am doing. I ask that for all of the people today that You would draw them to Yourself. Thank You for the lady who encouraged me for helping an elderly lady. Thank You for Mrs. Maya’s hugs. She’s so sweet!! Thank You for all the young people who were willing to work together tonight to help each other out. Thank You for today, Lord. Thank You for those who build each other up instead of tearing one another down. Life comes with it’s challenges but we don’t have to allow the challenges to make us bitter towards others. You want us to overcome. You want us to love in spite of the challenges. You want us to learn to work together and love one another. Thank You for today! Thank You for Mrs. Dessie and little Emily. Thank You for Brianna. Thank You for Laura, Joann, Vicky, Arie and Rebekah!!! Thank You Jesus. Thank You for being in the corner with me. I need You daily.