For Mrs. Susie, Her Husband And Their Family

Father, thank You for blessing her to become a grandmother. Thank You that the baby is healthy. Lord, she recognizes that it is only You that has blessed and graced her life to see another generation. It’s like with Job and the righteous. Father, thank You. Please keep them. Give Your angels charge over them. Protect them. Guard their lives we pray in Jesus name. Keep them Lord on the strait and narrow path that only a few find. Help them to be planted in Your house and lead them to a place where they can gather to be blessed and worship You. So many of us feel scattered and like we can’t find truth these days. Lord, thank You that You are still the head of Your church. We pray for an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit today and we ask that each time we see another believer that we would pray. Pray without ceasing. We need more of You, Jesus. We must decrease so that You can increase in us and through us in Jesus name.