For Mrs. Charlotte And Mrs. Jackie, Mr. Jonathan And Their Other Brother

Father, please open their eyes to see You. If they don’t know You for real, we just ask for humility and Godly sorrow. Apart from You, we are nothing. Please humble us Jesus. We are so full of pride. I need You to help me in my walk with You. This morning I just angry at all the injustice and threats because I want to live my life differently. It hurts so bad. It feels so lonely. Please keep Your Church, the Bride of Christ regardless of the persecution, the mockery, the hatred, and evil we face on a daily basis in all the places we go. Help us Lord to endure until the end so that we can be saved in Jesus name. I don’t want to be lost Lord. Our lives are just vapors here and there is temptation to betray You all around us. Please help us to stand and having done all to stand. God deliver us from our idols and from our flesh we pray in Jesus name. Deliver me Lord. I can’t make it without You. Please keep me in these perilous days and times. Please in Jesus name.