For Mr. Priestley, Alex, Matthew And His Girlfriend And Those Living In The Woods

Father, I just pray for each person. Thank You for giving Alex wisdom and not allowing him to shoot the man who tried to be inappropriate with him. Thank You for allowing us to pray. Thank You for Mr. Priestley who is in the laundromat and watching over the place. I also pray for Matthew and his girlfriend. I pray for Dion and Carla wherever they are. I pray for Sierra and all those who are participating in the night to shine. Please draw them and their families into Your kingdom. I lift up Mrs. Betty and Brad. Father, open their hearts to receive You if they don’t already know You. I also pray for Megan, Jordan and Lalie. I pray for new births in Jesus. I pray that they are born again. Please tear down the walls of division within Your body. I ask that You would break up these demonic cliques which are not from God. They come straight from the pits of hell. Please do a new work in LCC. Help them to line up with the word of God in Jesus name. I also pray for Mrs. Dean. Please rescue her Jesus.