For Monay, Mitch And Juan and all the saints

Father, I pray in Jesus name for Monay. May she come to real and lasting repentance. May she turn from her wicked ways. Our mouths You said are set on fire from hell. With our mouths, we bless God and curse man who is made in His image. You said these things ought not to be. Jesus said let every man be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to get angry. Anger rests in the bosoms of fools. Lord, You’re right. You’ve always been right. We are representing a kingdom; either of light for Jesus, or darkness for Satan. You said be hot OR cold. Lord, help I pray in Jesus name. This heat is the heat You warn us about in Revelation 16. People refuse to repent. More so in the church because we have been deceived to believe we can keep sinning and the grace of God abounds. Lord, help us, the Church. Help me. I’m fighting daily and it feels like I’m losing. Please help me to not let go. Lord, I need You so desperately. Please help me. The judgment of God is being poured out. We are in the tribulation. God open our eyes and our hearts. Give us the ears to hear what You have said to the Church.