For Michelle And Her Son

Father, thank You for this precious and beautiful lady! Thank You for ALWAYS having a plan Lord. Thank You that every day of our lives was written in Your book long before we came into existence. Lord, please protect Michelle and her heart through her grief. Thank You for Your presence that rested on her during her suffering. Thank You for Your amazing grace that carries us through every difficulty that we endure in this life. Thank You Jesus that You are sweeter, bigger, merciful, gracious and kind. Thank You that You are long-suffering, patient, and justice for us. Thank You that You’ve already won and we can trust You as the Refiner of our lives that are being purified because You are also our consuming Fire. You are the Potter. We are the clay. We trust You in all things. Create in me a clean heart Lord and renew a right spirit within me I pray. Thank You for Your Bride, the Church. Lead us and guide us we ask in the name above all the others. We ask humbly in Jesus name.