For Jaylen, The Backslider And All His Friends/Colleagues

Lord Jesus, I pray for prodigal because they know the Way. They know the gospel. They know the truth about Jesus and yet they deny Him every day with their actions, their words, their choices. Lord, they stand in the way of sinners. They could be leafing lost people to our Savior but they have denied You and walk with people on their way to hell. Hell will be worse for them. God, I pray for a very strong shaking for prodigal. Lord, I ask that You do what only You can. I know You’re patient but help us to not abuse Your patience Lord. That’s not the point of patience. Sometimes we test You and that is foolish of us. God, please forgive us and help us we pray. Remind us that the day of accountability is coming. Help us to be ready in Jesus name. I pray for our children Ezekiel and Brianna. I pray for their dad Mickey. I pray for the Taylor’s, Sanders, Murray’s and Smoaks. Please also keep me Lord. I’m standing in the need of prayer to stay on the narrow way that only a FEW find. I ask these things in Jesus name.