For James And His Daughter Bella

Father, please draw them to Yourself. Please help James to recognize the importance of a relationship with You for the sake of his daughter. He is a model and example of Jesus in the flesh. Lord, please break up the hard ground in his heart towards You. If his father has failed him, please let him see his father’s failures are not a reflection of You. You can use those failures for James’ good and Your glory. You can bless him to be a father to Bella that he didn’t even know was possible. Place inside of James a deep desire to know You Jesus. His name tells me someone in his family believes in Jesus. Lord, please bring Godly men into James life to model what a man if God looks like and sounds like. He is a leader and the head of his home. He submits to the Lordship and authority of Jesus Christ. He kneels before His Creator because he recognizes apart from Jesus, he is nothing but with Jesus, he can do ALL things. Jesus provides hope, love, protection, and He is a Keeper. He’s a bridge over troubled water and a very present help when we are in need. God, thank You for James and Bella. Bless them I ask humbly. Thank You for prayer Lord. I love you! We love You because You first loved us!!