For Everyone From Our Upper Room Church

Father, we plead the blood of Jesus over every single one of us including our children, grandchildren, great grands, and everyone. Please by the blood of Jesus keep us all close to You. May no one be lost in Jesus name. Father, You did something so precious during that time! We were a real family. I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone that served and are still serving. I love everyone and the time we had there will forever be dear to me. It’s there that I learned what it meant to be a real lover and follower of Jesus. Ilearned what it meant to have a family and fellowship. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Please keep everyone Jesus. Mickey, Pastor Klepp, Richard, the Armstrong’s, the Perezs’, Pastor Dominguez, Martha, Naomi and Danny, Diane, Mejjie, everyone. The blood is strong enough to cover everyone. Please protect in Jesus name.