For Carol, Marty, Audrey, Pastor Peter, Jean And Her Husband

Father, please reveal Yourself to each and every single person. Please help people to open their hearts to You as You knock on the doors of hearts in this season. Please bless Mrs. Carol tonight. You know the reason for her tears. Please allow Mr. Marty to surrender to You. Thank You for bringing Jean through COVID and pneumonia. Father, help her to rest because she does so much. Allow her husband to help her, love her and walk beside her. I pray for Pastor Peter tonight and everyone that performed in the Christmas Cantata. Lord, thank You for their service to You. I pray for Mrs. Audrey. You know everything and so I just pray as You instructed us to do in Jesus name. Thank You for everyone Lord. Please help us to finish our race for Christ’s sake in Jesus name we pray. You are worthy and You are worth it. Be glorified in and through our lives we pray.