For Anthony Who Is Being Held Captive By Satan To Alcohol

Jesus, this is a demonic stronghold. He’s not able to function. He thinks a woman is the solution. Father, please rescue Anthony. He cannot rescue himself. He’s stumbling bound by addiction. We plead the all powerful, limitless blood of Jesus over Anthony. Lord, You came to set the captives free, to open blind eyes, to unstop deaf ears. Jesus, please, we pray for a supernatural change in his life like Paul on the road to Damascus. Jesus, there is no other way. He’s not able to function. His life is being wasted. We pray in Jesus name for the power of God to overshadow Him. Lord, clean him up from the inside out we pray in Jesus name. This is nothing for You Lord. You save people everyday. We ask that today would be the day of salvation in Anthony’s life in Jesus name.