For Almonte, Breanna, Nehemiah, Brianna And Brook

Jesus, thank You for these young people who are running to You. For those who are struggling because they care more about the opinions of people, Lord, help them to recognize the immense sacrifice You made. You laid Your life down so that ALL who call on the name of the Lord SHALL be saved!!! Nothing matters more. Thank You for Brianna picking up Brook and taking her to church. Those who win souls are wise. One plants. One waters. Jesus brings the increase. Father, we pray for increase. We lift up Mickey and Ezekiel. Help them to consider their eternities. Jesus, only You can save. Only You can deliver. Only You can set free. Thank You for all the baptisms in Auburn. Jesus, You are doing a wonderful work!!! Thank You for doing it as only You can!!! We worship, adore and wait for You.