Divine Protection For Our Dad

God, our dad will go out of his way to help us. The enemy is constantly stirring up confusion in our family and in our minds to the point that our family has fallen apart. We are distrusting of one another. We try to control and manipulate and none of those things are of God. God can You take this mess and bring healing and reconciliation? Help us love our dad who is now a widow and he is struggling with being alone. Lord, help him to see You are with him. Help him to know he is somebody too. You have good plans for him. I pray for each of us as His daughters to respect and honor him as the head of our family. You took our mother and chose to leave our dad here. Lord, You are in control. We are not. Please restore what is broken. Please bring healing and reconciliation. Open not only our eyes but open our hearts we pray in Jesus name. Help us Father.