Despisers Of Those That Are Good

Father, help us as Christians as we go into churches, work, our families and we are hated because we love You. We are despised because we live our lives to honor You. Please help us to turn back to the old way of doing things and fighting with our words and our actions. I ask for the power of the Holy Ghost to be greater than our flesh. Please empower and equip us for this evil hour and time in which we are living. Help us to keep reminding ourselves of they that sew in tears shall reap in joy. If we sow sparingly, we will reap sparingly. But if through the power of the Holy Ghost, we sow much, we will reap much. We need You Lord to help us bring our sheaves of wheat before You. We pour out our lives as living sacrifices before You, holy and acceptable, a sweet smelling aroma. We bow in reverence of the One who has prepared the way for us to walk in. Lead us and guide us in Jesus name. The battle belongs to You Lord. Keep us from falling and present us as a Holy Bride before Your majesty. We cry, even so come, Lord Jesus.