Dear God, I know Your judgment is coming. I also know You plan to restore your Church in full and purify Her for Yourself (through much tribulation) while She gives the World one final Witness (and brings in the “fullness of the Gentiles”). These things are glorious to contemplate…

But, Lord, my heart continues to break over Her current condition; over the spiritual deception that is EVERYWHERE; over the millions of people who claim to be “Christians” who are not–either because they have never actually heard the Gospel and have never actually been “saved” or because they are Christians in name only and have no real interest in the things of God.

How long, oh YHVH? How long, Father? The anguish is overwhelming (while so many go on with their daily lives as if nothing at all is wrong with their heart or the World -except for “out there somewhere”)… Oh, LORD, please open their eyes, Abba.

Will you not soon put an end to this? I know the sifting has been necessary–has been part of Your Plan. I know the separating of the “wheat and the tares” will be equally painful to watch–the “great apostasy” ahead will be sorrowful. But I also know that “for the joy set before us”, with our eyes set on You, it will be the “best of times in the worst of times”; and I look forward–through the pain, to being at Your side (so to speak) for 1000 years as You reign on the Earth! Oh, what Glory, then! What splendor! What grandeur!

I praise You, Lord, that You have revealed the end from the beginning, and these things are not unknown to us. I thank You for the hope in trial by which we are being perfected and by which we will “overcome.” Help me, Lord, just one. more. day.

In Christ, I pray.