Dear Lord Jesus, I recognize that You are bigger and more powerful than any of the situations that are presently arrayed against me. Even though my troubles may loom large, threatening to bring a flood of anxiety into my life, I turn my eyes toward You. Not only will I refuse to be anxious, as Your Word says, but I will also give thanks to You, O Lord.

I thank You that You are able to rescue me from any situation, no matter how severe. I thank You that I have witnessed Your faithfulness over many years. Even though the enemy has tried to oppress me and take me out, You have kept my feet from slipping. You have set me upon a rock.

I thank You, Lord, that You are my hope, my strength, my song, my fortress, my refuge, my strong tower. I run to You at this time, thanking You for your help—thanking You in advance for the victory. Amen.

~DPM prayer