I love You Jesus! I thank You Jesus. I lift up the beautiful couples that You blessed me to pray with today at church. Thank You for Jerry and Tammy all the way from Anchorage, Alaska! Thank You for their encouragement and kindness. Thank You for our prayer together. Protect and keep them in Your love, Your word, Your will and Your way. I also pray for Keith and his beautiful wife Christie. They are grieving the loss of a son and then a son that they are having a hard time with. Please provide comfort and healing. Walk with them through their grief. Please heal the son who may not know how to deal with grief. We also pray for Pastor Mark Smith. Thank You for sparing his life and for healing him Jesus. Thank You for bringing Pastor Bob back after his heart attack. Jesus thank You for all You do for us on a daily basis. Thank You for Tyler and Catherine. Thank You for Pastor Anthony, his wife, their triplets and his mom Dodie. Please watch over them we pray in Jesus name.