Revival and a Renewed Mind

Romans 12:2 speaks of “the renewing of the mind”. It would seem quite simple but profoundly true that when our minds are renewed we are in the best possible place for God to bring reward, refreshment and personal revival – a fresh awareness of God’s holy presence into the here and now of our lives.

How do we get our minds to be renewed? Psalms 139 goes a long way in helping us answer this question. While these three specific words are not used they are all described by various verses in Psalms 139. Every Christian should understand:

Years ago my Pastor spoke of how when we choose to focus on these characteristics of God’s character, our problems tend to shrink in their seriousness and size. Meditate on these three truths. You will find that your mind is spiritually renewed by contemplating the magnitude of God! Why? Because to confess that God knows all things is to acknowledge that He knows about me and my circumstances today. To confess He has all power is to acknowledge that His power is able to deal with anything in my life. The old adage is true – God is bigger than what is wrong. And finally, to confess Gods presence is everywhere is to admit He is where I am. And … if God is where I am the atmosphere is drastically different due to His divine presence.

Wow! Yes, a renewed mind is indeed a renewal of life. This renewed mind enables us to live with a God perspective and a God-consciousness that is inspiring. It is a blessing to God and it will allow our life to splash over and touch someone else for the glory of God.

by Dave Childers



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