When Life Becomes Hard

Psalm 11 NASB®  In the LORD I take refuge; How can you say to my soul, “Flee as a bird to your mountain; For, behold, the wicked bend the bow, They make ready their arrow upon the string, To shoot in darkness at the upright in heart.”

Ever feel like you need a sanctuary, a haven of rest from troubled times or a troubled soul? You can run but you can’t hide from all of life’s issues. Sure seems like there are a lot of dark arrows flying at us today. Getting weary of dodging them? David was.

If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”

Indeed, what can we do? Man always has and always will chip away at the foundations. The world encourages him to do so. The foundation of a people are their values and their laws and the laws of the righteous are founded upon the Lord and His law. When the foundation goes, all is unstable and chaos becomes the order of the day. Yet, we read on..

The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD’S throne is in heaven; His eyes behold, His eyelids test the sons of men. The LORD tests the righteous and the wicked, And the one who loves violence His soul hates. Upon the wicked He will rain snares; Fire and brimstone and burning wind will be the portion of their cup. For the LORD is righteous; He loves righteousness; The upright will behold His face.”

We take comfort in knowing and believing that the Lord is still sovereign over His creation. He sees and knows all. He allows us to be tested, tried by the refiner’s fire that proves our faith. Those chipping away at the foundation will all reap their due reward. All reap what they sow. ALL! The wise and faithful will receive the reward of an eternal relationship with their Heavenly Father where all will be as is should be.

“Good morning Lord. What a great short Psalm King David wrote!  It seems as if he wrote it for many of us today. Even among our midst there are several who are weary from life’s chaos.  We must not be discouraged because our hope is in You and not in this world. What a blessing You are Lord and what a wonderful promise You allowed David to remind us  – the upright will behold Your face!  We look forward to that day, but until then, strengthen us for the journey You have placed us on. Thank You lord. Amen”

Have a godly day,






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