Exalt the Lord Our Deliverer

“And in this way all Israel will be saved, as it is written, The Deliverer will come
from Zion; he will turn godlessness away from Jacob.” – Romans 11:26

Some years ago while living in Louisiana, I recall that Hurricane Andrew roared through the Gulf Coast
area wreaking havoc and destruction in its path. As in every post-hurricane environment, the natural
disaster required thousands of rescues and deliverance. A lot of courage was displayed between
neighbors and friends.

While stories of rescue and deliverance abound in such disasters, there is no greater deliverer, no more
powerful rescuer, than Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth on a rescue mission.

It is true that Jesus came to deliver us from our sins and bring us to salvation. That is the greatest
deliverance ever in our lives. But we also know his deliverance touches every area of our lives. Jesus can and will deliver us from loneliness, from sickness and obstacles. As a deliverer, he overpowers
demons. Jesus is able to calm every storm you encounter and even deliver you from them. Many different
kinds of “chains” fill this life – emotional, mental, and spiritual. But no bond is so strong that Jesus cannot
break it for you. He is more than able to overcome anything in your life. You may face ridicule, rejection,
or even cruelty because of your faith. Turn to Jesus, the deliverer. He will give you the strength you need
not only to endure, but also to glorify Him in the midst of it.

Deliverers often must enter into danger to rescue those in trouble. Jesus, your ultimate deliverer, left the
glory of heaven and entered this broken world to save those who were perishing. He gave his life to save
yours. Whether Jesus delivers from, out of, or through, He always delivers. Glory, hallelujah, our
deliverer is mighty to save

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I remember that Jesus is my deliver and I trust in you to replace my fears with
your truths and help me strengthen my faith in you as my deliverer in all things. I know you will not leave
me nor forsake me and Your Word is true. Today I pray that you will help believers in their sphere of influence to point others towards your redemptive plan for humanity. Amen.


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