“And he has a name written on his robe and on his thigh: King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” – Revelation 19:16

Fear overwhelms the heart when trouble rises and there is no one to establish peace. The pain of watching the brutal murder of elementary school kids, the disgusting taste of oppression of a fellow human, the deep sadness of the abandonment of precious kids, and hopeless destruction of war creeps into the core of our beings in desperation. Who can bring justice to this broken world? Who can establish order? Who can provide peace?

While we look for earthly solutions, only the One from outside this earth is able to establish justice, order and peace. He had a name of his own that not even his parents could name him. He is the one that death could not defeat. He is the one that no king could touch unless permitted for the salvation of his people. He is the one that is sovereign over all things. He is the one that will come in a robe dipped in blood, followed by the heavenly armies and with a sword in his mouth to strike the nations. He will reign with an iron rod, which is the ultimate force once and for all.

The one that was born in a manger to save his own will return to establish justice, order and peace. He is the Lord of lords and King of kings we do not see now, but we believe in him. He is the rock that held up his own before emperors even in death. He is the same rock that holds us up until he returns. The invisible that made himself visible will return to not only make himself visible once again, but to make his whole kingdom visible. Maranatha!

Lord, remind us of your goodness and sovereignty. Help us to endure by holding on to you and your promises. Forgive us for walking as those who do not have a Father, placing our identity in our performance and earthly treasure. Forgive us for walking as those who do not have a King, placing our hope for peace and justice in earthly power. Lift up our eyes to the One who has created all things, holds all things together, and is restoring all things to himself. Amen.

Pray for States: Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi
Pray Focus: Justice System


Léo Lazarini // Dir. of Church Engagement, Church Ambassador Network


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