Bearing Fruit

My peach tree is losing its leaves, and I am considering how to tackle the job of pruning it. You see, I’ve let it get unruly, scraggily, and out-of-reach.

According to the Modern Farmer website, Autumn is the best time to prune your fruit trees. The three easy steps go something like this. First, prune any unproductive or dead branches. Secondly, prune out excessive branches to evenly create space for light and air to reach the living branches. Thirdly, prune back the live branches to encourage their strength and fruit production. And remember that the placement of the cut is critical to the health of the tree.

My goal is delicious, juicy peaches, that bring great satisfaction next August, so I must begin the work.

What season of life are you in? Do you feel like it may be your autumn season and the pruning is underway?

In John 15:1-8, Jesus declares that he is the vine and describes the Father’s work as a gardener. John 15:2 states, “He cuts off every branch that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.” Sound familiar?

Then take heart, because Jesus calls you His disciple. Jesus has appointed you to bear much fruit. Jesus has appointed you to bear fruit that would last and bring great glory to the Father.

It is often that we easily pray, “may we glorify you today Father.” But when the pruning comes, we often ask ‘why’ and shrink back. We say ‘it’s not fair’ and believe that this should not be happening to me. The discipline is uncomfortable, and the commitment to Jesus is hard work.

But remember, the pruning removes the unproductive stuff, the excessive stuff, and the weaker stuff. Could we even call it the worldly stuff? And when the Gardner makes the perfectly placed cut, those branches that remain in the vine get better light, grow stronger, and bear the fruit that satisfies.

Dear Jesus, thank you for calling us your disciples. Help us to remain in you and be a willing servant. During those times when I am unproductive and You prune me, give me what I need to keep persevering. We ask that we bear much fruit that brings glory to the Father on earth and into eternity. In Jesus, Amen


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